Yasson and EclipseLink go to EE4J

I am happy to announce that we are planning to transfer Yasson and EclipseLink projects to EE4J. These will be one of the first projects transferred because they are a part of Eclipse Foundation already. I already posted announcement in EE4J community mailing list here:


The transfer will not affect any committer rights, but it may introduce some changes in web site URL, mailing lists, etc.
I’ll keep you updated about the progress.

Brief review of EclipseLink JPA-RS new features

At the end of this year planned a release of EclipseLink 2.6.0. EclipseLink is an open source ORM framework developed by Eclipse Foundation. Here I would like to briefly introduce some new features of JPA-RS. JPA-RS is a part of EclipseLink. It’s a service allowing automatic generation of RESTful web service based on provided JPA entity model.

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