Monolithic to microservices: How design patterns help ensure migration success

You’ve decided that migrating a monolith application to a microservice is the best approach to meet new application needs. Microservices are cloud native, scalable, and can be created in different languages for different services.

When you’re ready to migrate, you can use different strategies. Among the most common is the strangler pattern, often used with the anti-corruption layer pattern. Both design patterns deserve careful consideration.

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From Monolith to Microservice: When Should You Convert Your Java Applications?

One major reason that many enterprises are thinking about migrating from monolith, on-premises applications to cloud native microservices is the cloud. The cloud provides many useful services, such as load balancers, monitoring and tracing tools, and auto-recovery—services that you’d have to implement and manage yourself if you didn’t use the cloud. Microservices are, in a way, designed for cloud, providing both scalability and portability. But should you convert your Java-based monolithic applications?

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