Helidon 2.0 is out

After almost a year of development, three milestones, and two release candidates, Helidon 2.0 is finally out of the development cage and ready for GA. Yay!

Helidon 2.0 brings many new features in both Helidon SE and Helidon MP, such as the highly anticipated GraalVM native-image support in Helidon MP and CORS support. You can see the full list of features on the pictures below.

Note that some of the new APIs are still experimental and may change in the following minor releases.

There are also some changes in the build profiles and tooling to improve usability and to make Helidon even more enjoyable to work with.

We believe that the release of Helidon 2.0 was the right time to introduce some backwards incompatible changes. We tried to minimize these changes to make the migration to Helidon 2.0 as smooth as possible. For a complete list of changes, see the release notes.

Please try Helidon 2.0 and give us your feedback as a comment here, through Twitter, or join our official Slack channel.  

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